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Cambodian Cultural Village

Cambodian Cultural Village situated in Siem Reap province along the road number 6 distanced 3 Km from International Siem Reap Airport and 10 Km Angkor Wat temple the world heritage with 210.000 square meter complexes. The construction of Cambodian Cultural Village started on the half of 2001 and officially grand open on the 1st January 2004.

Cambodian Cultural Village is an antique resort in Cambodia. Through the broad analysis and popular technique from abroad have made construction, planning, architecture, creative planning getting well to be an international standard. Cambodian Cultural Village is a place to conservation, develop and publish the Cambodian Culture. For participating country development, the company invested a lot for correcting the whole construction to be a luxury and our splendid performance has been shown. Cambodian Cultural Villages is a tremendous resort that culture, tradition were gathered and performed by our dancers that suitable to find out, the lifestyle landmark providing completed facilities and recreation services for both tourists and local community. Visit Cambodian Cultural Villages is getting to know Cambodia, Cambodian culture, Cambodia ethnic and Khmer traditional. Cambodian Cultural village is a historical reveal and tourism entrance.

Place  Program  Time
 Millionaire’s House  Khmer Wedding Ceremony I  11:00-11:30
   Break Time
Mini-theater The Immortal life of Khmer Soul(Mon – Thur) 14:30-15:00
Charming of Phahum (Fri – Sat – Sun)
Millionaire’s House Khmer Wedding Ceremony II  15:10-15:40
Chinese Village Chinese Traditional Dance  15:50-16:10
Kola Village Dreamy prince’s daughter 16:20-16:40
Magic peacock
  Visit Judgement Tunnel & Ghost House
Kroeung Village Choosing Fiancé  16:50-17:20
Khmer Village Khantremming Dance  17:30-18:00
Phnorng Village Rice Praying  18:10-18:40
Big Theater The greatest King Jayavarman 7 (Fri – Sat – Sun ) 19:00-20:00
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Cambodian Cultural Village Ticket + Return Transportation USD20 Book Now
Cambodian Cultural Village Ticket + Return Transportation + Buffet Dinner USD30 Book Now
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